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Interiors have quickly become one of my favourite things in regards to shopping and decorating rooms are now a big passion of mine. A few years ago I completely redecorated my room which I wrote about in a blog post here. I thought I'd do an update on the new things I've bought recently. Making small changes here and there or adding little trinkets to your room is a good way to make it feel fresh or updated. There's no need to do a complete overhaul of a room every single year (unless you really want to).

Plants, plants, plants. I have a small room yet my obsession for buying plants seems to be growing. I'm running out of places to put them and yet I still can't help myself. I have a love for succulents whether big or small, add a cute ceramic pot and I'm sold. 

Whenever I'm in supermarkets I always make sure to browse the plant/flower section to admire away at all of the beautiful bouquets and plants that I want but simply don't have the room for. Whilst in Sainsbury's recently I came across this little succulent in the cutest pale pink pot which quickly became the first of my new in items. With my room being grey/white I like to add subtle hints of pale pink so this new addition was perfect in helping to add a delicate pop of colour. 

From little to large with the next item, with another trip to IKEA recently I wasn't expecting to pick up anymore plants however my willpower failed me. Again, the addition of a beautiful pot always gets me. This pot is ceramic with a pink tone - perfect for my room. It has a gradient part to the colouring which I love. It flows from glossy pink to a stone coloured pink making it fresh and unique. The fact that it holds three plants inside is what drew me to it. I love how they have varying textures, tones and colours. The echeveria plant is my favourite, the purple tones with the pink tips just come across so delicate and beautiful. The soft fuzz of the other two creates a nice contrast (I hope I can manage to keep these alive!!) Potted plants just look perfect on my dressing table in the corner of my room. 

The next three purchases were pretty much inevitable seeing as they have quotes on. Firstly, the bottle engraved with 'you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey' is not only pretty but it also has meaning. Since I was little I have always referred to my Mum as 'my only sunshine' so whenever we come across things like that I always have to get them. I discovered this at the Christmas Ideal Home Show at the Highland Angel stand (even though it's actually by East Of India). Bottles like this are really me, they are my favourite sort of trinkets. This now takes pride of place on my bedside table, blending in perfectly with the tones of my room. Speaking of blending in with the tones of my room the second purchase I made containing a quote was this sweet ceramic candle which says  'Keep light in your heart'. It wasn't really a quote I had heard of before but I am growing to love it and its meaning. This was an unexpected purchase but something I'm glad I came across. I'm not too fussed about the vanilla scent of the candle, I intend to use it as more of a decoration in my room as the slate grey is the exact tone that I like in my room. It's clear to see that I have a new found love for ceramic items. The addition of the cork lid made it different from the usual candles I buy which was probably another reason I was drawn to it. Lastly, this 'Be brave' message flag was something I had seen and loved for a long time but just never purchased. On a recent trip to Brighton we were shopping in the lanes and suddenly came across a Sass and Belle shop. I had never seen a stand alone store, only their products being stocked in other stores so I was eager to have a look inside. I'm so glad I picked this up and about time too (even if there was some initial umming and arghing over whether I should get it). It's a great reminder to 'Be brave' in all aspects of life whilst adding a little positivity to my room.

I love the element of change that all of these new items have given to my room, it's funny how a few items can totally refresh an area of space and improve how you feel about it overall. It just goes to show you don't have to do major improvements in order to get satisfaction from something. 

Have you bought anything new for your home recently, if so what? What do you do to help refresh an area in your home? The final post of my three part series will be coming next Monday so keep an eye out for that as it will be fashion related. 

Items mentioned:
Small Potted Succulent - Sainsburys (colours and succulent types vary)
Large Potted Succulent - IKEA (succulent types vary)
Quoted Bottle - Highland Angel (Ebay alternative)
Ceramic Quote Candle - Card Factory
'Be Brave' Message Flag - Sass & Belle

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