With Mother's Day fast approaching (less than a week away now), it's a good idea to start thinking of something nice you can get your Mum as a way of thanking her for all she's done. Whether you've got a rough idea or are completely stuck with what to do/get, this gift guide could lend a hand. I've put together a few ideas that I personally would be happy to give my Mum, ranging from small thank you's to something a little bit more special. 

There's always an element of controversy when it comes to days like Mother's Day along with Father's Day and Valentine's Day. There will always be those who are sceptical and completely against the idea along with the commercialism that now seems to go hand in hand with it. Personally, I think of it as an extra day, an extra opportunity to show my gratitude and admiration for someone who has done so much for me all my life. 

There are always the two traditional gifts that are an easy go to when it comes to Mother's Day which are, Chocolates and Flowers, something which every Mum loves and will always go down well. My Mum loves flowers, her favourites being Tulips, so a beautiful bouquet of these are a nice gift as well as something that'll brighten up the house. Alternatively, for those who don't like the idea of seeing the flowers die, giving a plant is something that'll have longevity and be a nice addition to someones home. 

Photo Frame is another winner with us all, we all have them in our homes (can you ever have enough of them?) I got this delicate rose frame from Paperchase and it fits in so well. Made from resin, it creates a nice 3D effect. Paired with a photo of you and your Mum, past or present can create a nice final touch. Also, it's technically like giving flowers and a photo frame in one (am I right?)

A pamper evening is something that all Mums deserve but probably don't get the chance to do very often so Bath Products are the next best idea for a gift. We probably all know our Mum's favourite bath products but seeing it's Mother's Day why not opt for something a little bit more luxurious. 

Why not treat your Mum to some Makeup this Mother's Day. Rather than herself picking up the basics time after time, getting a new addition of a lipstick in her favourite shade might be a nice gift. Go for a new release on the high street or spend a little bit more on a high end product if you want a new staple piece, then every time she wears her new favourite lipstick she will remember that it was a Mother's Day gift. 

If you're after something a little bit more special or more of a treat as opposed to a gift then Jewellery is a good avenue to go down. I think Pandora is every Mums favourite, seeing the gift bag is an excitement in itself. Choosing a gift from here is a keepsake that will last forever. Not only that but it can be sentimental, there are many designs catered for Mums, my favourite being a heart charm engraved with 'First my Mother, Forever my Friend' - words that capture the heart of all.

For those who aren't keen on the commercial side of it all, why not consider doing a nice gesture for your Mum. Anything from washing up, to making her dinner or even going on a family walk. Showing your appreciation for someone doesn't have to be done with physical gifts - gestures are probably the best kind (and most meaningful) of gifts too. 

What are you doing for your Mum this Mother's Day?

Products pictured:
Champneys Shower Gel - Boots
Photoframe - Paperchase
Jewellery - Pandora
Lipstick - Superdrug
Bouquets - M&S
Mother's Day gift guide


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