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For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a Fashion girl who's never really taken much of an interest in Makeup. Whether it be in terms of trying new things, having a variety of lipsticks or eyeshadow palettes - I’ve just worn the basics and left it at that. I've always watched tutorials by my favourite you-tubers and liked the end result but I've never felt the need to go out and buy any of the products to test on myself. However, this year something has changed in me - my interest has shifted from just Fashion to Fashion and Makeup. This has surprised me to be honest but I'm actually enjoying it.

I've been interested in trying new products that I would've hardly taken any notice to before, I've discovered new brands in addition to being intrigued by new releases. Playing about with different makeup styles when doing my makeup has become a new thing for me too. After testing these products out for a few months I thought it might be helpful to give an opinion on them based on my recent experiences. 

**I suggest you go and make a drink and get comfy because this post is longggggggg to say the least.

Maybelline 'Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Lightweight Primer' (what a mouthful)
Packaging: The primer comes in a plastic tube with a little nozzle at the end that dispenses the product. I quite like the packaging in terms of its aesthetic purposes and think it does stand out against others, the pop of pink and baby blue sure is eye-catching. 
Formula: The formula is a clear like paste and makes the skin feel velvety on application, sliding on smoothly. I found that the amount you get in the tube lasts a reasonable amount of time.
Experience: Personally, I've only recently discovered Primers and their benefits of reducing the appearance of pores along with helping Makeup to last longer throughout the day so I'm not really an expert on which ones are best. However, from the first use of this product I found that it made my skin feel smoother but that it didn't necessarily reduce the appearance of my pores. It became apparent that it made my skin feel greasy and I was very aware of it just sitting on the skin which I didn't like the feel of. I don't think I would repurchase this item again purely because I prefer products that make me feel like I'm not wearing anything and also the fact it didn't seem to reduce my pores which is its main claim. After reading reviews on this product it's clear to see some people absolutely love it whereas some don't. I do think it's a product that really depends on the individual.
Price: £7.99 

Nivea for Men 'Sensitive Post-Shave Balm' 
Packaging: This product is made of glass with a matte plastic lid. It is easily dispensed through a wide opening but also open to spilling too (or emptying too much out into your hand). I love the packaging in terms of its aesthetics I think it's simple but sleek. 
Formula: The product itself is a white coloured liquid which is thin and runny. It is smooth and glides on the skin really well whilst sinking in nicely.
Experience: After feeling a little disheartened after trying out the previous Primer I was shocked to come across a tutorial where a Mens post shave balm was being used as part of a Makeup routine. There was so much fuss being made about it...pretty much everywhere on social media so I decided to try it out for myself. I think there's a bottle of this in everyones home so sneak into your bathroom or wherever the toiletries are kept and have a go of this - that's what I did! From the first use I had positive results, it does make your foundation stick to your skin a lot better and that's what makes it last longer throughout the day. It felt soft, smooth and the product wasn't harsh on my skin. With the added fact of having a lovely lovely smell to it and for the price who wouldn't want all of that! I would definitely recommend this.
Price: £5.29 (now £2.62 at Superdrug)

L'Oreal Paris 'Infallible 24H Foundation' (Porcelain)
Packaging: The packaging is quite simple but I like that. It comes with a pump which easily dispenses the product without any problems. The only negative for me is when the foundation is almost gone the fact it's in a glass bottle and the lid doesn't come off makes it impossible to get the last bits out. Therefore, it's not possible to use the product up in it's entirety creating wasted product which you've paid for.
Formula: I'm in love with the formula as it is nice and creamy with a lovely consistency. It's not too thick nor too thin. I'd say it's a medium coverage foundation but build-able, which is great as it gives you the option. I find that for me two pumps are enough for full coverage but I usually only do 1 1/2 which does me just fine.
Experience: In the past I've really struggled to find the right shade of foundation as I'm so fair skinned and they always tend to look too dark/orange toned on me no matter how light I go. With 8 shades to choose from I (of course) picked up the lightest shade - Porcelain. To my astonishment it was actually a great pale shade and there was no hint of orange in sight! Porcelain is great for me, maybe ever so slightly light for me as I've got a bit of colour this year (who knew that was possible?) but I'm sure for the winter months it'll suit me better. Nothing a bit of bronzer can't fix anyway! The foundation blends well and feels lightweight on the face. It's very long-lasting (lasts all day and still looks fresh). I've never tested its 24 hour claim nor do I ever want to! After never having tried L'Oreal products before I've been pleasantly surprised and it's spurred me on to have a peek at what else they sell. Go and buy it!
Price: £9.99 

L'Oreal Paris '24H-Matte Waterproof Foundation' (Porcelain)
Packaging: I prefer this packaging to the above foundation just because it's in a squeezable tube so you're going to be able to get all of the product out and won't waste any. I also love that the plastic is matte obviously to match the fact that the product inside is matte also. 
Formula: It's a creamy consistency that allows for a medium coverage but is build-able to a full coverage. I bought this in exactly the same shade as the above foundation but this one seems a lot darker for some reason. 
Experience: So far I'm not convinced with this product and am quite unsure about it. I think I need to test it out more to see what I truly think. I think I'm just disappointed about the vast difference in colour even though I went for the same shade. Although a matte finish is probably a lot better for my skin type (combination but more on the oily side) I do prefer the finish of the above foundation as well as the colour.
Price: £7.99

Collection 'Lasting Perfection Concealer' (Fair 1)
Packaging: The packaging for this concealer is nothing special, it's very simple but I like the fact is small and can easily fit in any makeup bag. The applicator is the best thing about it. I find that it helps the application process by 100 times as it's easy to pin point blemishes/redness and also covers under dark eye circles with one easy swipe. The only downside of the packaging is that writing wears away very easily making it look grubby and old. 
Formula: The formula is quite thick, quick setting and full coverage. All of which make it perfect to cover any blemishes/dark circles. This particular concealer comes in four shades.
Experience: I would never go without using it on my dark under eye area as it corrects and brightens them so well. Over the years I've tried a mass amount of different concealers and none compare to this one! The fact that I'm due to repurchase it again and already have done many times before shows how much of a staple it is for me. The only thing I would say is that a little goes along way, if you end up slapping lots on it can end up looking cakey when you go to powder. 
Price: £4.19 (now £3.99 at Superdrug)

No7 'Perfect Light Loose Powder' (05 Translucent)
Packaging: I like the new packaging of this product and find it is very minimalistic (it seems that a lot of brands are heading this way lately) and modern. I've always been a bit scared of loose powders purely because they're easily to make a mess with but so far so good.  I can empty the product out into the lid and use it that way. It comes with a powder puff which I only tend to use if I need to touch up my makeup during the day. 
Formula: The powder itself is quite fine and it is soft when applied to the skin. It sets my makeup in place really well. The translucent colour is great for me as I don't need to add any more colour to my face after I've applied my foundation.
Experience: I got so frustrated with my last powder that I just had to go on the hunt for a new one, I would apply my old powder and before I'd even stepped out of the house it needed retouching already. After being told about this by a friend I took the plunge and bought it, I've been pleasantly surprised with this powder. 
Price: £10.50

Makeup Revolution 'Sculpt & Contour Kit' (C01)
Packaging: The packaging of this (whilst appearing cheap) is clever and very useful. The fact it's compacted into one changes what would ordinarily be three separates products into just one. Great for everyday use but a lifesaver when it comes to travelling. I think for the price you get a great amount of product and it took awhile for me to hit the pan on the contour shade - I still haven't on the other two just yet!
Formula: These powders have a good amount of pigment and the colour pay off on them is really nice. I find that they blend well onto the skin and are really pretty when used together. 
Experience: Being pale I've always struggled to find products like bronzers and blushers that don't automatically look too much against my pale complexion or bronzers that just look orangey on me, but these suit me well. I find that only a light hand is needed with the bronzer otherwise it can look a bit too much. I liked the blusher at first but have stopped using it because when paired with the highlighter just above it can look a bit 'too' shimmery for my liking. With an alternative blush the highlight gives off just enough glow without making me look like a disco ball.
Price: £3.50 (bargain)

Rimmel 'Lasting Finish Mono Blush' (Live Pink 50)
Packaging: I do find the packaging of this cheap looking and think it could be presented in a nicer way but do appreciate its compact packaging which again could fit into anyones makeup bag and is a great travel size. The lid of this blush has fallen off multiple times and I've just had to keep slotting it back in.
Formula: This is my favourite blush product as it is very subtle not that pigmented but build-able and blends well on the skin.
Experience: As mentioned before due to my pale skin it's easy for products to look too much on me so I like to go for more subtle tones and this is just perfect for that. It does have a subtle bit of shimmer to it but not half as much as the previous product, it gives a nice soft flush to my cheeks which I love. It has lasted absolutely ages - haven't hit the pan yet!
Price: £3.99

Collection 'Fast Stroke Eyeliner' (Black 1)
Packaging: I love this packaging! Anything that is black and minimalistic is a winner for me. It comes with the liquid in a little pot and you screw off the top to reveal an applicator with a soft nib allowing for a precise line.
Formula: I like the formula as I think it does the job, it creates a dramatic black line that lasts well. However, I do think it is of a runny consistency and found myself having to wipe excess off onto the edge of the pot otherwise the product would go onto my lashes and set. 
Experience: Overall, this was a great product to me over the years and I have tried and tested many that have failed me miserably by smudging throughout the day or transferring onto my upper lid - but this is probably my second favourite (ever) eyeliner. 
Price: £2.99

Kat Von D 'Tattoo Liner' (Trooper)
Packaging: Kat Von D could do anything to her packaging and I'd probably still love it just because her products are so amazing. I do genuinely love the packaging of this product. It's black (again, love it) with silver metallic writing and rose detailing. If you didn't know what it was it could easily be mistaken for a marker pen. When you take off the lid it reveals and very finely tipped nib which is soft and flexible.
Formula: A-mazing. Longlasting formula that is smudge proof and it dispenses just the right amount during the application process (unlike the previous one). 
Experience: This product is practically faultless for me. I'm so glad it's now been released in the UK as I was fearing the day that I ran out of it! It creates a dramatic and precise line that stays black all day. It doesn't transfer nor smudge - or budge! It might be a lot steeper in price compared to most eyeliners but I really do think that it's worth it, I've had this since May and it's still going strong!
Price: £16.00

Superdrug 'Eyelash Curler'
Packaging: It might look a bit flimsy, not fancy and basic but looks can be deceiving. It also comes with extra rubber pads so when the old one wears down you can replace it and it's like you've bought a new one!
Experience: I've seen so many you-tubers rave about other eyelash curlers which are 10x more expensive and I just think why? Some even pay up to £20.00 for one! This does the job perfectly and I've been using this particular one for years. Occasionally, the frame does break and you need to buy a new one but you still manage to go through all of the extra rubber pads in that time. It's great at curling my lashes and for the price I love it even more!
Price: £1.99

L'Oreal Paris 'Infallible Fixing Mist Setting Spray'
Packaging: Let's just say I love the packaging of all L'Oreal products - this included. Minimalistic and sleek. The OCD freak in me enjoys the fact that it matches my other L'Oreal products too. It comes with a spray pump that dispenses the product easily.
Formula: This product starts off as a clear liquid with white residue at the bottom, once shaken it turns into a white liquid. The key with this is to shake really well. 
Experience: I've read some reviews on how people have been left with white dots all of their face and they've spent ages trying to get them all off. Luckily, I've had no problems at all. I find it a shame that so many people have done the same thing because I really do think this is a great addition to anyones makeup bag. It feels fresh when first applied to your skin and dries quickly helping to prolong the life of your makeup.
Price: £7.99

The Body Shop 'Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm' (Watermelon)
Packaging: Cute, compact and vibrant. 
Formula: A thick but smooth formula that moisturises the lips well and smells amazing (my other favourites are: Passionberry, Raspberry and Strawberry)
Experience: These have been a favourite of mine since forever. I have an obsession with lip balms and am always keeping my lips moisturised. There's never a day that I'm without a lip balm. I love the shine that these gives to your lips as well as making them feel soft and smooth. That reminds me, I need to stock up on them all again!
Price: £2 

So, these are all of the products I've been trying out over the past few months. Please let me know of any product recommendations you have as I'm always on the lookout for something new/better. If you managed to get this far then you deserve a medal.

**I'm not a Make-up artist, these are just products that I have tried and tested on myself so if you wish to purchase them please consider your skin type and any allergies you may have. As always makeup is subjective and something that works on me might not work as well on you and vice versa! xx


  1. Your blog is gorgeous!!

  2. I love the texture of the L'Oreal foundation! I have the opposite problem to you as in I can never find something dark enough in the shelves of Boots but L'Oreal always comes to the rescue. :))

  3. I totally agree about the Kat Von D liner - without a doubt the best I've used. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  4. The L'oreal foundation sounds amazing. I think the matte would be too much for me, but the other formula seems right up my street x

  5. I love the born lippy in the scent 'satsuma', it smells amazing!
    Aleeha xXx



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