A weekend in Marlow


Every so often I find myself yearning for a little getaway. It's easy to get wrapped up in the daily goings on of life. Taking the time to go on an adventure and spend quality time with a loved one is important for us all.

My boyfriend Jack and I ended up going for a long weekend away to Marlow, Buckinghamshire to a gorgeous hotel and spa called the Crowne Plaza. I had never heard of Marlow before nor the spa so I had no idea what to expect. I was not disappointed, the hotel and spa is situated at the end of a long drive, set in 5 acres of grounds with a lovely lake at the bottom. We were able to go for strolls in the grounds - the perfect chance to have a look around. You could also look out on all of this from the comfort of the conservatory area where lots of people were having Afternoon Tea (jealous).

We visited the Bar/Cafe next to the conservatory on many occasions, firstly for a quick drink (they do a good Pimm's!), then for dinner and another time for lunch. All of which was really enjoyable as you could really relax in the atmosphere that was created. As always they had multiple screens which were showing sports events (The boyfriend was pleased -  I was not). 

The facilities in this hotel were great, they also had a swimming pool, outdoor hot tub, indoor jacuzzi, sauna room, steam room and gym amongst more. We went for a dip in the swimming pool twice, going in the evening meant it was nice and quiet - we pretty much had the place to ourselves. I had never tried an outdoor hot tub before but it was great. Although the run from the indoor jacuzzi to outside in the cold was not fun. Sitting outside in the hot tub whilst gazing into the distance at the lake was lovely, I could've stayed there for hours I'm sure. 

After settling ourselves into the hotel next on our list was going for a quick drive around the area just to see what we could find and if there was anywhere we would like to go back to. I was pretty much like a little kid in the car as soon as we set off. “Look at that!” “Look at this!” “Can we go here!” “Can we go there after!” we ended up in Marlow High Street/Town Centre and it was the most gorgeous place ever. Very olde-worlde and right up my street. They have popular restaurants such as Prezzo, Pizza Express, Zizzi amongst others. With shops lining both sides of the street and also a small courtyard area..I could've spent hours there. 

The next day we planned to go for a walk to take a closer look at all the things we'd seen on the drive. We unexpectedly bumped into a gold Post box - the first one we'd both seen! After a little bit of research I found out it's for Naomi Riches who won gold at the 2012 Paralympic games in the Mixed Coxed Four for Rowing. The Paralympic champion actually trains at the Marlow Rowing Club - which we went past too! 

We found a small path that led us to this road and the waters edge. This building was so beautiful to photograph and I'd love to know what goes on there or whether it's just someones house (if it is, they're so lucky!). The water was flowing a lot faster than I imagined it would, however, the view across the water was lovely. We saw a beautiful bridge in the distance but didn't know how to reach it. Luckily enough though we did manage to come across an even better bridge, Marlow suspension bridge, it's probably one of the smallest but prettiest bridges I've seen and I'd recommend you visiting it if you're ever nearby. It allows for both foot and road traffic giving you even lovelier views on the river. 

When it came to needing lunch we were spoilt for choice with the amount of pubs that were near to us. George & Dragon took our fancy although Marlow Donkey caught our eyes too. The pub/restaurant had been modernised and furnished with intricate little bits such as jugs, bowls and picture frames that helped to add a friendly atmosphere. They had a lot of big groups the day we visited so we were lucky that there was two of us they could squeeze in, others were being turned away because there was a wait for service. The food was very enjoyable and reasonably priced. Although I'd say they need to increase the amount of Marie Rose sauce they give out with their prawns and jacket potatoes as I could've done with a magnifying glass to see mine (I refused to share as I had so little haha). I would recommend visiting for yourself and would go back for another try. The waitress we had was very attentive and informative. 

I've gone from being someone who hadn't even heard of Marlow before to wanting to go back there already. Wishing I had spent more time exploring the beautiful town, and even though I had the most painful tonsillitis throughout the entire weekend I had the most enjoyable time. (Thanks J! x)

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  1. Lovely blog. Marlow looks really lovely! We'd love to visit sometime! :)


  2. AnonymousMay 10, 2017

    Cool Place, I have family living there.



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