A slick of paint

14 June 2016

Over the past few years my interest in interiors has grown, it's safe to say that whenever I shop online or in store what I look forward to almost as much as Fashion is Homeware (never thought I'd say that). I'm always looking at things for the home and cannot wait for the day when I can decorate my own house! Pinterest is an amazing place to gain ideas, but warning: you could end up on it for hours and hours.I redecorated my room fully about two years ago but last month I decided that my room needed a new slick of paint....it was only time before I added some extra bits too. I was happy with the colour scheme that I already had (white and grey) so just repainted the white walls. I couldn't believe the difference, it just shows you how much the walls can turn off white even in a few years. I've found that having a feature wall with the remaining walls white maintains a good amount of light in my room and also helps to keep it appearing larger.The white tones were great, but I have to admit at one point it did seem like the room was just flooded with it. My room needed to be injected with something else other than white. I love the idea of stacking cushions and thought that drawing out tones from the feature wallpaper such as black would help to contrast against the vast amount of white. These cushions are soft and comfy - not just there for the aesthetics! I was looking for a smaller cushion to sit in front of them and then one day this  "love you to the moon and back" one popped up....(thanks Mum!). I adore blankets and use them all year round because I am forever cold so getting a new one was top of the list. I had set my hopes on getting a grey one to go with the colour scheme but a trip to IKEA led me to this bargain, it's a mix knit with tones of white, grey and black which was just perfect - it's safe to say my Chihuahua loves it too.With my room being small, good placement of furniture is key as it can easily get overcrowded. This corner laundry basket was the perfect answer to filling a space without taking up too much room. I love the grey-tone of the wicker, it's a nice change to having all white furniture, I also have a matching bedside table.I have lots of trinkets and jars that I've collected over the years which I like to dot around the room, it all helps to make it more of a homely feel. Grouping items together in threes is something I have grown to do. Fairy lights are a must for anyones room - who doesn't like them?! They're perfect to create an atmosphere for a chilled evening, a pamper session or even just sitting in bed reading a book. One thing I had to buy when I set my eyes on it was my "bits & bobs" box. Firstly, the colour was just perfect. The quality of how it's made grabbed me but the design alone is just beautiful. It has four compartments inside, I tend to keep my jewellery bits in there.I'm a sucker for anything with writing on...hence there's quite a few things that you can see in the pictures alone (but there's more that hasn't been captured). I just love having my favourite sayings or little words scattered around my room that mean something to me. It's another one of those things that helps to make a house more of a home!I already had a lovely desk lamp but realised my main shade no longer matched, unfortunately Next didn't stock the range anymore. I managed to pick roughly the same colour shade elsewhere and did a bit of D.I.Y that involved glueing some lace/crochet to the bottom so that it matched what I already had. I'm really happy with how it turned out, it just shows you that a little bit of D.I.Y is easily done and can help to make your room that bit more personal.I've always heard the common rule with mirrors about them helping to make a room appear bigger so I wanted to take that into consideration with my room. When I discovered this mirror I absolutely fell in love and think it 1. makes the room feel bigger but 2. is a lovely point of detail and brings attention to it. It was originally BRIGHT pink to suit my old colour scheme but with a few cans of spray paint it is now a lovely grey tone. It definitely has a French feel to it and really does make a statement.I'm happy with how my room looks and feels at this moment in time, but I'm always going to be on the lookout for anymore additions or alterations I can make. Let me know what homeware bits you're into at the moment!
Items shown:
Heart symbol candle - Next
Labelled glass bottle - Dunelm
Cut out heart drawers - Chickidee
Milk bottle vase - IKEA
Mini milk bottle set - Chickidee (Same here)
Lamp - Next 
Chenille cushions - Dunelm
"Love you to the moon & back" cushion - Sass & Belle
Throw/blanket - IKEA
Duvet set - Next
Laundry basket - Next (Similar here)
Trinket box - Chickidee (Same here)
Lamp shade - IKEA
Mirror - Similar here


  1. wow great blog and I love the layout!
    This post is so aesthetically pleasing I love it aha:)


  2. Great finds! I absolutely adore interior design.



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