My Winter skin saviours

25 January 2016

I absolutely love the Winter season but one thing I don't look forward to is how my skin reacts to the colder weather. However, this year I have found a few products that have made the period a lot easier to cope with and I thought I would share them with you. I feel like this Winter has certainly been colder than last! Absolutely bitter, is just one of the ways I would describe how the temperature has been feeling to me lately.

At the end of Autumn when the temperature really started dipping I began to feel a change in how my hands felt. They started to feel quite tight and seemed to be feeling more dry than they ever have before and my usual hand cream just wasn't feeling good enough. I had heard of the brand Neutrogena, and seen the Norwegian formula hand cream on the Superdrug shelves many times - (I'd heard it was good but never actually got around to buying it.) So when I opened up my stocking on Christmas day and saw a small bottle of it I laughed because my Mum and I, had bought each other the same one to test out. I have become very grateful for it. It feels like a rich formula and has certainly been helping my hands. It soothes and moisturises my hands during this cold Winter season. On the back it states that it's 'concentrated for 200 applications' and I would agree with that. It does feel rich and concentrated. The feeling after you've applied it and rubbed it in is almost that of when you've just applied Primer when doing your makeup, it feels very smooth and velvet like. I am definitely glad that I tried this hand cream out and would love to test out the rest of their range. 

When I say I'm obsessed with lip balms and applying lip balm...I really mean it. I have a mountain of lip balms and can't help but have one with me at all times. Even at night I can't go to sleep without having applied some and even during the night if they start to feel dry I have to re-apply some (Strange, I know!) I have tried and tested many lip balms and some I haven't liked at all, one of which was the Dr. Paw Paw, tinted Peach Pink lip balm, I first bought this awhile back when I saw it in the beauty section on Asos. I had heard about it before but didn't truly know much about it so I thought I would buy it and see if it really did wonders for my lips like I had heard. I was so disappointed when I tried it for the first time, I stupidly thought the fact it said Peach on it meant it would be flavoured...but that was just the colour and in fact was fragrance free. I disliked it so much that I stopped using it and put it away in my draw to sit. Until one day when I realised I had somehow run out of lip balms I had no choice but to resort back to this lip balm again. I honestly can't believe the difference in opinion that I had when I tried it again. During this time both corners of my mouth had cracked and so were quite painful. A week of using this Dr. Paw Paw lip balm again and the corners had healed up! I couldn't believe how much good it did to my lips and I was shocked at how much I now liked it compared to the first time I picked it up. The fact that it's fragrance free really doesn't bother me anymore. I'm so impressed with the way it conditions my lips and at one point I was taking it everywhere with me - I've almost finished the tube now! I would really recommend you trying this lip balm, if you're not convinced by the fact it's tinted, I've done some quick research and they do have an original one with no colour. Although, the great thing about the Peach one is that it's apparently multipurpose and can be used on both Lips and Cheeks! (Although, I haven't tested it on my cheeks as of yet.)

Does anyone hate when you get out of the shower/bath and you're suddenly overcome with feeling cold? When it comes to Winter I know it feels even worse - freezing in fact. This would put me off moisturising knowing I had to put up with the cold for longer, sometimes I'd end up avoiding this step altogether. Obviously, it wasn't the right thing to do and I started noticing the effects because of it. On top of this, I had never really found a moisturiser that felt nice to apply, wasn't sticky afterwards and that really nourished my skin. I went on a hunt for the perfect moisturiser that ticked all of the boxes. I came across Vaseline, Intensive care advanced repair, and after testing it out for a few weeks I absolutely love it. It applies really nicely and sinks in well. It doesn't make my skin feel sticky afterwards and honestly even days after application my skin feels smooth and nourished. This moisturiser has actually got me reaching for it and wanting to not miss this step purely because I love the results so much. It's a rich formula which is perfect for me during the Winter period. This product is fragrance free but I don't have a problem with that.

On to lips again - I did say I was obsessed. When it comes to lip balms at night time I do like to use a different type of lip balm, one that's more nourishing. My choice for this is the Nivea lip butter in Coconut, I have always enjoyed Nivea lip butters for night time use. I like to put on a good layer to last me through the night. Previously, I have tried their other lip butters in the flavours: Raspberry Rose, Vanilla and Macadamia, Cocoa and the Original. I believe they are all just as good and really conditioning on the lips. I'm not typically a big fan of Coconut scents but this lip balm is pleasantly surprising. They're presented in a tin which lasts absolutely ages!

Bio-Oil, I'm sure we've all heard of this product before and the wonders that it can do for stretch marks and scars but I've found another use for it. I love painting my nails and keeping them nice but sometimes the skin around my nails can get dry and I find applying a bit of Bio-Oil and massaging it in really does wonders. I sometimes apply it before bed so it can work its magic during the night. I find it really nourishing and although I use hand creams around that area it isn't always good enough. Plus, I can't get enough of Bio-Oils scent! 

They are my main skin saviours that are helping me through the Winter season, why not give them a go and let me know how you get on? Also, what are your skin saviours, are there any that you would recommend? 

*I am no skin expert, these are the products that I have tried and tested on myself. If you do choose to try any of these products please do test them first as all skin types vary. Some products may be more effective on myself and not so much on others, or vice versa. 


  1. Thanks for the tips! I specially like how you use the bio-oil, I'd always thought of it as a scar-stretch mark-treatment-thing! I have been loving using the Nuxe dry oil on my face at night, stops the tight feeling during the day from all the central heating! :)) xx

  2. You had me laughing at the get out of the bath bit as that is me everyday! I question whether I should moisturise as I feel I a freezing my tits off lol but I know i have to:-) Rosie xx


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