Happiness is hot soup on a cold day

6 January 2016

Did someone say homemade soup
The past few years I've become more interested in cooking especially homemade cooking. I'm always searching for new recipes to test out along with repeatedly making ones I have grown to love - and soup is one of them. I don't really go by a recipe for this, but this soup is the sort of soup you throw all your leftovers into, basically anything you have in the fridge. You might think to yourself that you don't have any ingredients to make a good meal but actually you probably always have the right amount of things to make a soup like this. You can play around with any of the ingredients I have used, take them out if you don't like them or you can add whatever else you love! 

(I make it for 5 people but there's usually a portion leftover) so let's say this makes 6:

- 55g Butter
- 25g Plain Flour
- 1 1/2 Onion
- 4 Carrots
- 1.5L Vegetable or Chicken stock(3 cubes) 
- 6 Maris Piper potatoes
- 2 handfuls of Broccoli florets
- 5 leaves of Cabbage 
- A bowl of leftover cooked Chicken (or any other meat you have)
- Handful of Spaghetti broken into inch pieces
*On this occasion I also made dumplings and placed them on the top of the soup with the lid on top to cook for the rest of the cooking time remaining. 

I like my soups thick with chunky bits so I suppose you could say it's a mixture between Soup and a Stew. I like to cut my ingredients such and Carrots, Potatoes and Broccoli into chunky bits to make it more of a rustic dish. 

Firstly, I add Butter to the pot and allow this to start melting, followed by this I add the Onions and Carrots, it's important to let them start softening before adding the Flour. Once the Flour has been added cook for around 2 minutes. Add your chosen stock to the pot and keep stirring as you do. Bring this to the boil. Add the remaining ingredients, Potatoes, Broccoli, Cabbage and Spaghetti. I often put the heat on very low afterwards and let it slowly cook for anything up to 20-30 mins but you can do the other option of simmering for 10 mins until the vegetables are soft. Then finally, add the cooked Chicken and cook until heated through. Follow this by seasoning with Salt and Pepper. Serve!

I think this is a fun dish to make, I don't really follow any rules. Sometimes I won't have a particular ingredient that's listed (Broccoli, for example) and that's fine. I love the thought that we're using up the food we have which means it doesn't end up getting thrown out and going to waste. It's also a hearty dish that's great for lunch or even dinner (Yes, I said dinner!) It's more filling then you might think, especially, if you decide to add dumplings too. 

Sometimes I use vegetable stock, other times I use chicken stock, or even a bit of both! 99% of the time I don't even add meat so this recipe is totally up to you and your taste preference. 

*I'm not a trained cook, I just love cooking and experimenting with different recipes. This is one that I have tried and tested on many occasions - everyone seems to love it!

Let me know what soups you like to eat or even make! 


  1. Right, I'm definitely giving this a try tomorrow ♥


  2. This sounds so delicious! xx


  3. Sounds lovely! Homemade soup is the best :)
    xo Kiki


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