Hello 2016


When I start thinking about it 2015 has well and truly flown by. Although I'm sure we get caught saying that about every year, this year seems to have been the quickest of them all. In a blink of an eye and it's already 2016. I have to admit, when it comes to celebrating the end of one year and welcoming in another I'm not for it. I've just never been one to get excited for it or feel the need to do something (party pooper!). I suppose I'm the type of person who is sad that the year is over and a new one is already here.

However, when it comes to the New Year I do look forward to the opportunity of starting a fresh and making changes. Whether it's a major or minor thing, there are always going to be changes or improvements that an individual can make. If it leads to positives then why not?

Self improvement is something that I have always had a strong belief in. I can admit that I am my hardest critic and am forever analysing my attributes/habits and what I could do better. On a regular basis I always try to make improvements whether it's on the previous day or the past week and when it comes to the New Year it's a bigger opportunity to do just that.

I love the thought of letting the previous year lay in the past and having a huge clear out allowing for a fresh start. I begin with getting rid of any paperwork that I probably should've sorted ages ago but have left laying around. Moving on to my wardrobe I take a good look at things that may be worse for wear and ready for the bin, if my tastes have changed I will look to give away items. I think it's important to have an overall clear out of my wardrobe to make space for the year ahead.

They call it Spring cleaning but I think I take it to a whole other level. I try to do this as often as I can throughout the year but when it comes to the New Year it calls for an even bigger one. I love completely cleaning every inch (or cm!) of my room, burning fresh candles, putting on new sheets, opening the window wide letting the fresh air flow, wiping and hoovering like there's no tomorrow. 

New Years resolutions...what we all try to make each year but do we always stick to them? I know my answer....(no!). But this year I'm really going to put in the effort to sticking to at least some if not all of them.

Some of mine include:

- Improving my fitness
- Drinking more water
- Saving
- Reading more books
- Sticking to blogging

This time next year I can challenge myself to do an update of how keeping to my resolutions have turned out and whether I have stuck to them. What are your New years traditions and have you got any resolutions for the year ahead? 

Happy New Year to all!


  1. Happy New Year! I definitely need to improve my fitness too this year :P x


  2. Reading more books and sticking to blogging would definitely be on my list too, happy new year and good luck with your resolutions!

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

    1. Thank you, good luck with yours too! x

  3. drinkiing more water will be very good for me. I dont usually drink water.

    1. I've always been terrible at drinking lots of water too, good luck with it! x

  4. Reading more books & sticking to blogging are also on my resolutions! Happy New Year xx


    1. Let me know how you get on and any books you recommend! x

  5. I'm trying to stay organised with my blog. Last year I would often not have time for blogging as school was in the way :( Now, I am trying to stay organised with both school and blogging so I have time for both!




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